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If you've got questions about writing or you'd like feedback on your manuscript, you've come to the right place.


I've been a writer, editor, screenwriter, and creative writing teacher for almost thirty years. I’ve authored and edited dozens of projects from poetry and song lyrics to children’s stories, feature film scripts, short stories, and novels. As you can see, fiction is my passion!

If you need some feedback on your manuscript, or help to make your characters more dynamic or your plot less like Swiss cheese, then I'm here for you!


Wherever you are on your writerly journey, as an editor, coach, or accountability partner, I'm here to help you get on track and stay on track. Check out my services below and let's see if can make writing magic.

My qualifications are: Cert IV (Training & Assessing), DipArts (Writing & Editing), ADip (Screenwriting), BA (Writ), MA (Writ), PhD (in progress).

She is an alchemist of forms and plot development, a wizard of proper word syntax, a soldier of plot stability and a paragon of proper phrasings. I cannot overstate how she is able to make a manuscript into a masterpiece!! If you think you'll find better? I strongly disagree--and insist that aren't any finer at the craft than her editorial excellence (haven't even gotten to her deftness with her duties, nor the amount of loving care that she infuses every project that she's involved with!). I'd go on, but I can already feel her rosy cheeks filling with a well deserved blush. But, due to her modesty, I will cease lavishing her praises (on this page) but never in my heart! You're the best Suze!! Always! 

General Consultation

Perfect if you need a little help to get your writing on track, or back on track!


45 mins


Young Author
Manuscript Assessment

General guidance to help achieve your writing goals.


3-4 weeks

$260 - 900 depending on word count

Working on Laptop
Tailored Mentoring

I can help you to write powerful, entertaining, and publishable fiction content. 

Online & Submission


$110 per session