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Bull the Frog

Bull the Frog is minding his own business quietly sitting on a log when a pesky fly comes by and disturbs his peace and quiet. It buzzes around and make a nuisance of itself, but Bull knows what to do. He's going to catch that pesky fly and teach it lesson!


What do you think? Do you think can Bull the fly catch that pesky fly? 

* Written, illustrated, and coded by S.C. Farrow

* Narrated by Neil K. Hess

Download the flipbook!

Download the Bull the Frog digital flipbook! Pages turn just like a real book and each page has interactive narration.

NOTE: Free  to download. The .exe file (executable file) must be downloaded and unzipped for the book to work. Be sure to read the readme file first. Windows OS only. 

Jigsaw Puzzle

Can you solve this jigsaw puzzle?

If you would like to play again, click the menu button in the top left corner of the puzzle frame.

Colour In

Download these pictures and colour them in!

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