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Butterfly Haiku
Butterfly Haiku

Diaphanous wings
A miracle of nature
A soul’s transcendence

I Said...

Clean your teeth, Mum said.

Clean your room, Dad said.

Get lost, my brother said.

Grow up, my sister said.


I’ll run away, I said.

I’m gonna leave, I said.


Bye love, Mum said.

Be careful, son, Dad said.

Can I have your room? my brother said.

Good riddance, my sister said.


Oh no, I said.

They don’t care, I said.


My sister wants me gone.

My brother wants my room.

I’m scared of the dark,

and I sure hate gloom.


Won’t you miss me? I said.

I’d like to stay, I said.


Welcome home, Mum said.

Glad you’re back, Dad said.

Oh no, my brother said.

You’re still here? my sister said.


The room is mine, I said.

I’m gonna stay, I said.


My sister stormed off.

My brother trudged away.

I cleaned my teeth before bed,

And cleaned my room the next day.

Waratah Haiku

Waratah in bloom

Red petals fierce and fiery

Nature's wild beauty

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