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Rattlesnake Rick

Rattlesnake Rick loves playing guitar, but he's got no one to play with.


His friend Vincent suggests that he should start a band. Rick thinks that's a great idea and so he and Vincent hit the track in search of friends to join in the fun.

What do you think? Do you think Rick will find some friends to join his band? 

* Written, illustrated, and coded by S.C. Farrow

* Narrated by Kenny Cook

Download the flipbook!

Download the Rattlesnake Rick digital flipbook! Pages turn just like a real book and each page has interactive narration.

NOTE: Free  to download. The .exe file (executable file) must be downloaded and unzipped for the book to work. Be sure to read the readme file first. Windows OS only. 

Play Along!

Rick wants to play a tune but which instrument should he play?

Press the green flag to start then click on an instrument.

Press the space bar to choose a new instrument.

Colour In

Download these pictures and colour them in!

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