"Farrow has crafted a devastating, thoroughly engrossing story."

~ Booksiren @ Goodreads

"Farrow’s writing is assured, her prose elegant, and the characterization first-rate. Her descriptive eye lends beauty and authenticity to the multilayered, complex narrative."

~ BooksCoffee @ Goodreads


"It would be a grave disservice to simply describe S.C. Farrow’s This is Not a Lie as a gay rocker novel. I can imagine someone out there reading  this novel while shedding a tear—and this is the hallmark of a moving tale with a universal appeal."

~ Vincent Dublado, Readers Favourite 

"S.C. Farrow’s narrative style is expressive, which means the reader gets the full brunt of Joel’s emotions and his conflicts. You can feel the seed of disappointment and his heartbreaks very clearly."

 ~ Rabia Tanveer, Readers Favourite 

This is Not a Lie by S.C. Farrow

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Readers' Favorite Five Stars silver badge.
Readers' Favorite Five Stars silver badge.
Readers' Favorite Five Stars silver badge.

"What results is a graphic tale that will really test your mettle as a reader, but is without a doubt one of the most original and well-represented works I’ve read this year. I would certainly recommend This is Not a Lie to all fans of LGBTQIA+ drama."

 ~ K.C. Finn, Readers Favourite 

"Oh my God. This is genuinely the only thing I can say after reading this amazing book. This is Not a Lie is an insanely thought provoking book penned to perfection & is quite poignant."

(P. S. Can someone please sign this book for a TV series. Pretty please?)

 ~ @ bookmarkedbyshreya, Instagram