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Feature Film


The only child of divorced middle-class parents Jared Dwyer has it all, a gifted mind, athletic prowess, a beautiful girlfriend called Shelby, and a brilliant future, until he and Shelby climb into a car driven by Shelby's drunken, drug-addled brother, Preston. The crash was inevitable.

The brain trauma Jared sustained meant that life would never be the same again - that he would never be the same again. Six months later, Jared's body has healed but his dreams, aspirations and plans for the future are gone. His old life isn't even a memory. His only constant in this tragic new reality is his beloved girlfriend, Shelby.


Working part-time at the local DVD store, Jared finds solace in alcohol and B-grade movies until one night, glued to a B-grade classic, the images on his TV screen flicker, distort. Jared's confused. He could swear the woman in the movie is the paramedic who attended his accident — she's being murdered by a hooded, faceless killer.

Days later, Jared learns she really was murdered. Shelby tells him to forget about it. It was a strange occurrence, but it's never going to happen again. Only it does happen again. And this time it's not a stranger. This time it's a friend whom Jared sees on TV. Fearful his friend might suffer the same fate as the paramedic, Jared tries to warn him. But the friend doesn't listen. No one listens. After all, who's going to believe the mental kid with the visions?

Jared's world spirals out of control as one by one more friends die — each one somehow involved with the car accident. Finally, Jared learns he's next on the killer's hit list. Now it's a race against time. Will Jared find the hooded man? Or will the hooded man find him?

Close up shot of a young man who is visibly upset and afraid.

Wow, what a great little movie! First off let me say that it was obviously shot on shoestring budget, and the Australian accents are a little hard to understand sometimes, but let me tell you this movie is definitely worth seeing. It really keeps you hooked from to start to finish.