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The Village Views

The Village Views is a grand old apartment building that was built on the edge of the city in 1947. Four storeys tall, it boasts generous sized rooms, wide hallways, a whisper of Art Deco styling, and a host of residents who are all doing their best to get through yet another soul-destroying stint in lockdown thanks to Covid-19.

Some of the building’s twenty-four apartments are owner-occupied—like the old woman in 1A, or the gentleman in 2F. Others, like the guy in 3D and the chick in 4B, rent their apartments.

Some residents have been there for years. Others are relatively new.

You’d be forgiven for thinking they’ve formed some kind of community while in lockdown. But they haven’t. They might nod, or say a quick hello to each other in passing, but other than that, the residents keep to themselves—and that’s just how they like it. So, what are they doing to pass the time? What are they doing to stay sane?

Who's to say they are staying sane...

Are you curious to find out? If so, then come on inside and see how the residents of The Village Views are doing.

The Village Views

Authors: Various

Editor: S.C. Farrow

Published by Blessingway Media

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Short Stories

Contemporary Fiction

Creative Writing

She carefully put the letter with the others. There was one about cleaning up the yard, written on orange stock, and another to the gentleman in 3D—she didn’t know what he was doing in there, but the smell was awful – that letter was written on thick, red paper.

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